Google service allows users to tour Mars

Google Mars enables interactive virtual exploration of different regions of the Red Planet.


Projects for the colonization of Mars have not yet come to fruition, but it is now possible to make an interactive visit to the Red Planet: the Google Mars service, developed by the technology giant, allows users to explore different regions with interactive maps.

With navigation similar to Google Maps, the project provides details of Martian geographic particularities.

It is possible to scroll across the surface of the planet using the mouse and find craters, mountains and dunes that make up the local landscape.


To map the neighboring planet, Google used thousands of data captured by NASA satellites and the information processing work was in partnership with Arizona State University.

In addition to Google Mars, the North American company also developed an interactive exploration within the Google Earth Pro service in which it is possible to traverse the surface of Mars using three-dimensional images.

Despite being almost half the size of Earth, Mars is a desert planet and has practically the same amount of land surface, as around two-thirds of our planet is covered in water.

The diameter of Mars measures 6,792 kilometers and is twice as large as our Moon, and Earth, in turn, is twice as large as Mars.

The service can be accessed through this link: