The Mysterious 15 Million Years-Old of Footprint

A strange modern shoe print has been found in a rock estimated to be 15 million years old.


A fossil of a shoe print has been discovered in a coal seam inside a rock formation in Fisher Canyon, Nevada, USA.

According to reports, this coal seam formation is estimated to be around 15 million years old, suggesting that the footprint must be the same age.

The shoe is a size 13 with great wear on the right side of the heel than on the left. A double-stitched line can be seen around the fossil footprint when closely examined.


So far no archaeologist has commented on the enigmatic discovery and this is the only image that has been released.

No other information on the exact location of the footprint was provided, it is speculated that the lack of further information is intended to protect the fossil from curious visitors who could cause damage.

Some explanations have been proposed as to how the footprint could have been imprinted on the rock.

The first theory is that the footprint is not necessarily millions of years old and may have been created recently, an explanation that is not supported by scientific geological methods.

The second theory is that 15 million years ago, some unknown ancient civilization, human or humanoid, could have been advanced enough to make and walk in shoes.

The third theory is that extraterrestrial beings visited planet Earth in antiquity, leaving their imprint on the rock.

A fourth theory proposes that a time traveler, from a more technologically advanced future, could have accidentally left this mark on the ground.