Archaeologist Claims to Know the Location of the Holy Grail

Treasure hunters have searched for the Holy Grail for centuries, and hundreds of people have claimed to possess it.


The Holy Grail is the legendary chalice that Jesus Christ would have used at the Last Supper, and now, English archaeologist Barrie-Jon Bower says he knows where it is.

Bower claims to have studied the Holy Grail and the Knights Templar for years, and believes the Holy Grail is hidden in a secret chamber beneath an artificial river in the Hounslow Heath area of ​​London.

But how could one of the holy land’s most sought-after relics make its its way into an underground hiding place in London?


Bower says that the Knights Templar were trained in this area and claims that they built a secret underground crypt to hide treasures recovered from the holy land during the Crusades.

“Finally, I’m sure this is the right place. I’m sure there will be a vault below the surface, with the Grail inside and other Crusade treasures,” says Bower.