Scientists believe they have discovered a Parallel Universe

Scientists believe they may have glimpsed a parallel universe crashing into our own.


Evidence at the farthest reaches of the universe suggests that the fabric of our universe has been disrupted by another, incredibly different universe.

Their analysis could be proof for the multiverse theory.

According to the researchers: “Dr. Ranga-Ram Chary examined the noise and residual signals in the cosmic microwave background left over from the Big Bang and found a series of scattered bright spots that he believes are signs of another universe colliding with ours billions of years ago.”


At least that’s the preliminary conclusion the researchers came to.

According to some cosmological theories, collisions of alternate universes should be possible.

Theories conclude that our universe is like a bubble among many.

Since the universe starts out in a Big Bang-like configuration it never stops expanding, if that goes for all universes then it makes sense that they would periodically collide with each other.

They’re likely all in a row, the researchers say, vibrating, expanding and touching each other.

Dr. Chary believes that the signal he identified indicates that this other universe is extremely different from our own.

He says it could have a proportion of subatomic particles called baryons that are about 10 times larger than in our universe.

Dr. Chary explains: “The fine tuning of parameters in the early universe required to reproduce our current universe suggests that our universe may simply be a region within an eternally inflated super region. Many other regions beyond our observable universe would exist with each of these regions governed by a different set of physical parameters that we measure for our universe.”

More research will need to be done, but this could be the start of some very interesting discoveries.