Millionaire Buys an Old Radar to Search for UFOs

A British tech businessman seeks help repairing a Cold War-era radar antenna and turning it into a UFO detector.


Millions of people around the world believe that we are not alone in the universe and one of these people is William Sachiti, who bought, lived and worked in an abandoned RAF (Royal Air Force) air defense radar station for about three months.

Sachiti is an artificial intelligence entrepreneur whose company Kar-go uses self-driving cars to deliver parcels across Britain, and according to his words, he bought the former RAF base because he needed land for testing and development, and there were warehouses, roads and underground shelters.

But the purchase came with more than just the space he needed. One tower contained a gigantic AMES Type 84 radar unit, 18 meters wide and 7 meters high.


The AMES Type 84 radar unit is a relic of the Cold War era, which used microwaves with a range of 400 km to detect ionizing radiation. There were five units of this model that operated from 1962 to 1994 and were part of the British military’s nuclear weapons detection early warning system.

He wrote a post on the internet, along with an image to illustrate the radar, that he intends to put the radar in operation.

“Help! I want to bring this back to life,” says Sachiti’s post.

Sachiti said he received many responses, some ridiculous, but there was no shortage of ideas to put this piece of technology to a useful and fun use, including some people who want to use radar to probe the Moon and others who want to capture UFOs that are passing by the Earth.

“I convinced myself that trying to find UFOs can be fun,” says the businessman.

When asked what he thought about the existence of UFOs and aliens, the businessman said that it is possible that extraterrestrials are already among us, but that they are much more advanced than humans.