New type of lens detects images invisible to human eyes

The advancement of science will probably lead us to an incredible reality in the coming decades.


Some research and inventions that are underway today may be the revolution of the future.

One example is a new type of lens under development for a telescope, which promises to allow humans to see things that are currently invisible to our eyes.

According to scientists at Thunder Energies Corp, the lenses allow people to see curious images, which are being detected mainly around military installations and large industrial areas.


Thunder Energies Corp recently detected invisible entities in our terrestrial environment. For this, the company used the revolutionary Santilli telescope with concave lenses, a trademark that is in the process of being patented by Thunder Energies.

The corporation had previously presented some confirmations about the apparent existence of antimatter galaxies, antimatter asteroids and antimatter cosmic rays. All these elements have been detected in scientific tests.

For Dr. Ruggero Santilli, CEO of Thunder Energies Corp, this is an exciting discovery. He stated that “it is still not possible to know with certainty what these entities are, as they are completely invisible to our eyes, our binoculars or traditional telescopes”.

He also said that these objects are fully visible in cameras attached to the Santilli telescope.

Some technical information obtained from the scientific document of Dr. Santilli guarantee that the lenses of this new model of telescope allow the apparent detection of antimatter or other types of elements and energies, by means of concave lenses.

The news that the company managed to capture images of astronomical objects formed by antimatter (or anti-photons) moved the scientific universe. With that, the Santilli telescope became news around the world.

The discovery was published in the American Journal of Modern Physics.